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SCKT04 Mrz 29th, 2016

SCKT is back in full effect after nearly two years and is now distributed through decks.de. Including three new tracks from Markus Suckut and the brand new SCKT sleeves. It is available now on limited marbled wax.

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SCKT03R Apr 17th, 2014

Available in all good sorted record stores now.

The Artist formerly known as 19.454. and Albert van Abbe are the two guys for me when it comes to faceless quality music.
Have a listen to their nice remixes and you will know what I mean and like about their sound.

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SCKT03 Feb 6th, 2014

SCKT03 is available now world wide in all good sorted record stores.

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SCKT02R Apr 17th, 2013

Next one in a row, SCKT02R is out now and available at all good sorted record stores. This time it’s the turn from Klockworks members DVS1 and ROD, enjoy.

No need to introduce these two remixers. One rare DVS1 remix and two solid mixes from Rotterdams based ROD.

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SCKT01R Feb 7th, 2013

SCKT01R is available now at all good sorted record stores. We’ve decided to print special sleeves for each remix EP. More to come soon.

One year after the launch of his own record label Markus Suckut releases the first remix EP on SCKT. The idea behind the remix series is that artists of Markus choice can choose their favorite track on SCKT to remix. The first release of this idea kicks off with remixes by two guys from Sweden called Splice and Bleak.

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SCKT02 Sep 12th, 2012

SCKT02 is available now world wide in all good sorted record stores.

Follow up of the first release on Markus Suckut’s own record label. Three-tracker again which takes you deeper into the musical cosmos of his imprint and teases you heavier. Stripped down to the essential.

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SCKT01 Jan 25th, 2012

You can grab your copy of the first SCKT release at your local recordstore or online at DecksDeejayJuno, SpacehallWeb-records, and many more.

Reduced to the essential and well-textured. That’s what Markus Suckut’s new label SCKT is characterized best.
Known through releases on labels like Figure SPC, the producer will release only his own productions and thereby present the root of his own style.
Designed for the endless flow, the sustained structure and the dreamy-spherical melodies of the releases contrast each other. The luscious substructure is complemented by merciless haunting basslines. This mixture distinguishes each track as flawless, modern Techno, whose steerful production is palpable in every second.